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Munchie Jacks® Oat bites are a sustaining and tasty-power snack. Our oat bites are bite sized cookies made using organic oats. Every oat bite lends itself to a crunchy-chew with caramelized undertones. 

Made with ethically sourced ingredients and mother nature in mind.

The best ingredients 
make the best food.

Munchie Jacks® are a sustaining and tasty-power snack, they are bite sized cookies made using organic oats. Every oat bite lends itself to a crunchy-chew with buttery undertones and caramelization notes, delivering a flavor profile which reflects a European cookie. Available in 3 flavors: Toffee, Jalapeno or Coconut in two different sized bags. It's less about the sugar and more about the quality of the ingredients and how it all comes together by our passion for traditional cooking techniques. Made with ethically sourced ingredients and mother nature in mind. 


Munchie Jacks® Oat Bites


Three awesome flavors. Toffee, Jalapeño, and Coconut.

Munchie Jacks are more than just a delicious cookie! Check out our recipe page for suggestions They can be added to your next crowd pleasing cheese-platter or fruit-platter. Our Munchie Jacks® Oat Bites pair deliciously with wine, beer, cider, kombucha, milk, tea, coffee and smoothies. 



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Single portion bag just for you [1 oz bag/28gm]

This size is perfect with only a total of 140 calories for an on-the-go treat! Bring the taste of caramel with you on your next hike or outing. Grab a bag for a mid afternoon treat without the guilt.

Crowd pleasing bag to share [4 oz/113gm bag] 

This size is great to share at home, and pretty  awesome to share on game days too. Share them with your friends and family– I guarantee they will love you for it! 

Behind the scenes of
Munchie Jacks®

Hi there, I'm Rany (rah-nee) I've been cooking and baking for most of my life and I wanted to share my passion for creating my Munchie Jacks® Oat Bites. Using ethically sourced and high-quality ingredients Munchie Jacks® Oat Bites are exceptionally unique. Super tasty and honestly... a really hard-to-put-down cookie that's all about the buttery undertones, the caramelization, all of which is combined with the crunch and chew from the oats, btw Munchie Jacks® are homemade and produced in small batches I'm quite sure you've heard the term Artisan.. I set out to create a delicious treat for my family with two goals in mind; thats taste and health. The end result happened to strike a chord with my foodie friends too. So, I decided to put my cookies to the test and I was blessed, Hilton Hotel was my first client then came Whole Foods Market, New Leaf Community Markets and the "cherry on the icing" was when i also became an approved vendor for Google, cause Munchie Jacks® were considered a unique product. My Oat Bites are a perfect bite for any occasion - from sports, hiking, biking, surfing, flying, travelling, entertaining and right through to gifting cause even the packaging looks pretty darn spectacular! You'll also find my Munchie Jacks® pair deliciously well with beverages: tea, coffee, milk, wine, beer, smoothies, kombucha and cider. Out of curiosity did you notice the beer and wine part? YES it's really true!! We found the Jalapeño oat bites pair excellently with beer and toffee was a hit with wine. If you would like to sample the 3 great flavors: Toffee or Jalapeno or Coconut please do Get in Touch. Thank you.

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