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What are Munchie Jacks® made out of?

Munchie Jacks® Oat Bites are bite sized cookies. A sustaining and tasty-power snack made using organic oats. Less about the sugar and more about the crunchy- chew combined with the caramelization and buttery undertones. 

Do you cover events or corporate gift baskets? 

Yep, we offer the exact same product and packaging to our corporate clients to add to their baskets and or  giveaways, 1 oz bag ideal for wedding favors and hotel giveaways. We are happy to ship to you using your chosen carrier 

For large orders, please reach out

3+ weeks prior to due date.

What sets Munchie Jacks® apart from other cookies? 

Munchie Jacks® Oat Bites will deliver a flavor profile that reflects a European cookie. 140 calories per serving (per  1 oz bag) you'll be pushing your boundaries  for the next size up which is our 4  servings bag. 

What makes Munchie Jacks artisanal cookie?

Munchie Jacks® are small-batch and hand made. Using traditional cooking techniques to bring out the rich flavors found in the high quality ingredients that we use. Made with ethically sourced ingredients with mother nature in mind .

Do Munchie Jacks® require refrigeration?

Nope, Munchie Jacks® are shelf stable, that means leave them out on the countertop or a room temperature. Refrigeration is not required.

Who is behind Munchie Jacks?

Rany -  a passionate foodie.

Munchie Jacks® is a woman -

minority-owned business.

*Delivery is an additional charge. to keep costs down we'll use your carrier and we don't charge a handling fee.. I appreciate your business.

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