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Crowd pleasing Munchie Jacks® cheese-platter

Prep Time:

15 minutes

Cook Time:



12 people


Crowd pleasing cheese-platter

Ways to Serve Munchie Jacks

Munchie Jacks® Crowd pleasing cheese platter is always an instant hit! Reaching out to all the senses of the sweet, salty and spicy take a platter to a whole new level from delighting the eyes to satisfying the palette. Try making a mini platter for 1-2 people as mid week treat, you'll be thrilled to bits with the taste, textures and combination.


For dinner parties or events I tend to calculate approx 1.5 ounce of each cheese per person. Bear in mind there's always something accompanying the cheese like our Munchie Jacks®, fruit & water crackers.

You'll need:

Large cheese board or platter

6 cheese knives

2 -4 oz bags of Toffee Munchie Jacks®

2 -4 oz bags of Jalapeño Munchie Jacks®

2 4 oz bags of Coconut Munchie Jacks®


Soft cheese a classic brie.

Semi soft Port Salut.

Hard cheese Pecorino Romano, salty but ties in beautifully (i added some pickles to the side of the cheese.)

Choose 2 other soft cheeses that contain herbs that are available to you in your area.

Fruit & Water Crackers.

Seasonal fruit rinsed and thoroughly dried, it's your choice.

(Pickles optional)


1. Arrange the cheese on your board with equal distance.

2. To the side of each cheese scatter on the Munchie Jacks

3. Next to the munchie Jacks lay the prepared fruit

4. Place fruit in the middle

5. Tie it all in with some water crackers too.

Home style crowd pleasing cheese-platter is sure to delight everyone around the table.

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